Carbon Footprint

The Claremorris Carbon Footprint is currently estimated at 28,150 Metric Tonnes CO2/Year

Target Reduction

It is envisaged that Claremorris will reduce carbon emmisions by 25% by 2020


The Co-Operative have worked to position itself in the front of technology development


Power to the people: is community energy the way forward?

  • Energy Co-Operative

    Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-Operative was founded in 2015 by a number of Claremorris people.  The Co-Op is located on the Ballyhaunis Road, Claremorris.

  • Renewable Energy

    GENCOMM seeks to develop 3 community-scale renewable energy pilot sites (in Ireland, France, Germany) using different resources (wind, solar PV, biogas) incorporating hydrogen storage, and transformation to different end products (fuel for fuel cell vehicles, electricity, biomethane).

  • CRES

    Community Renewable Energy Supply (CRES) is Irelands first Community Owned Licenced Supply Company. We sell and purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources which includes both wind and hydro projects. We are working with a number of communities throughout the island of Ireland who are actively engaged in creating sustainable energy futures for their local communities.

  • Innovation Award

    In 2016, Claremorris and Western District Co-Op win Innovation Award, Gas Networks. To project which is still on-going, promotes and accommodate an environment of innovation in the renewable industry. 

  • 3D Project

    The proposed demonstration project is developed to give a cost-effective solution allowing the Co-Operative to update on a daily basis, changing the color of each building to Green from a Grey starting point. The greener, the more energy efficient the town becomes. Finally, the community can then visualize the impact of such changes on a real-time basis.

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